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Astrology by Hand 22

by Rob Hand

Rob discusses other worlds and layers of reality. 11/11/2000


Astrology by Hand 15

by Rob Hand

Rob discusses whether or not there is a difference between magic and technology. 7/17/2000


Astrology by Hand 7

by Rob Hand

Rob takes a time out from his discussion of horary to look into the idea of action-at-a-distance in physics, and how it relates to astrology. 7/29/2000


Astrology by Hand 17

by Rob Hand

Rob takes a look at what consciousness and free will really are. 10/7/2000


Astrology by Hand 3

by Rob Hand

Astrologer Rob Hand takes a look at psychological and humanistic astrology as a challenge to science. 7/1/2000


Astrology by Hand 29

by Rob Hand

Rob brings us up to the present with his history of Western astrology. 1/6/2001


Astrology by Hand 20

by Rob Hand

Rob looks at the use of ritual in magic and astrology. 10/28/2000


Astrology by Hand 21

by Rob Hand

Rob continues the discussion with a look at the languages of nature. 11/4/2000


Astrology by Hand 18

by Rob Hand

Rob looks at the link between language, magic and astrology. 10/14/2000


Astrology by Hand 26

by Rob Hand

Rob concludes his thoughts on the dialogue between heaven and earth. 12/16/2000


Astrology by Hand 27

by Rob Hand

What exactly is "traditional astrology" and how does it differ from "modern astrology?" 12/23/2000


Astrology by Hand 2

by Rob Hand

Astrologer Robert Hand continues his examination of the relationship between astrology and science. 6/24/2000


Astrology by Hand 16

by Rob Hand

Rob looks at the role consciousness and will play in magic and spell-casting. 9/30/2000


Astrology by Hand 1 by Rob Hand

One of the most respected astrologers in the world examines astrology's relationship to science. 6/17/2000


Astrology by Hand 10

Rob discusses what he believes to be the most common reason for errors made in chart readings. 8/19/2000


Astrology by Hand 24

by Rob Hand

Rob goes more in-depth about planets in their debilities and looks at a few examples. 12/2/2000


Astrology by Hand 13 by Rob Hand

Rob explores different definitions and types of magic, as well as whether or not such a thing even exists. 9/9/2000


Astrology by Hand 9 by Rob Hand

Rob returns to his discussion of horary astrology and the particular challenges it makes to astrology's acceptance by science. 8/12/2000


Astrology by Hand 28 by Rob Hand

Rob Hand explains how astrology lost the sponsorship of universities in modern times. 12/30/2000


Astrology by Hand 6 by Rob Hand

Rob Hand continues his discussion of horary astrology and its connections to other branches of astrology and to science. 7/22/2000


Astrology by Hand 23 by Rob Hand

Rob argues that having planet-sign combinations traditionally known to be in their detriment or fall may not simply be bad, but have their own gifts as well. 11/18/2000


Astrology by Hand 34 by Rob Hand

Rob continues his exploration of the function of the planets by examining medieval ideas regarding the difference between a planet occupying and ruling a house or sign. 2/10/2001

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