Jeff Jawer


Jeff Jawer


For the permission for Integration of these texts I thank most heartedly Jeff Jawer, founder together with Rick Levine of my favorite-homepage


Jeff Jawers homepage is here.


The originals of the articles are here:



Scorpio: Beyond Reason

by Jeff Jawer

Sometimes shy, sometimes passionate Scorpio is a mystery to many people. This look below the surface reveals some of this sign's many secrets. 10/24/2001


Love = The Astrology of Intimacy

by Jeff Jawer

Love may enter through Venus and the Seventh House, but relationships go deeper with the Moon and the Eighth. 12/1/2002


Charts = House Cusps and Systems

by Jeff Jawer

Houses are among the most important, but misunderstood tools for chart interpretation. Some fundamentals are addressed here. 11/20/1999


Future = The State of Astrology

by Jeff Jawer

Jeff Jawer shares his perspective on astrology's recent past and potential future role in society. 10/12/2003


Pluto Discovery






















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