Astrology by Hand Week 24

More On Making ”Debilities” Work

Last week, I gave two examples of how it seems that one can make planets in detriment and fall work not only better, but quite well indeed. I mentioned in particular Mercury in Sagittarius and Mercury in Pisces. A couple more comments are in order on debilitated planets.

First of all, there does seem to be a pattern in these ”debility reversals,” i.e., ways of making these planets go from acting debilitated to dignified. First of all, in both of these cases, and also with other planets in debility, it seems that it is necessary to use the style and tools of the sign opposite the debility. So, for my Mercury in Sagittarius, I find it necessary to use the analytical tools of Mercury in Gemini. For example, when I examine a philosophical problem, I resort to in-depth word analysis. But my objectives are those of Sagittarius—philosophical understanding, etc. Mercury in Pisces people seem to have to use the tools of Virgo, very detailed and structured thinking and planning, in order to attain the objectives of Pisces—understanding, compassion, etc.

Mars in Libra

Here’s another example. Let’s take Mars in Libra. This is a Mars that sometimes gives way in the face of opposition because it may be indecisive and uncertain. According to the logic of the previous paragraph, the individual has to become aware of the problem, and take the tools of Mars in Aries to fulfill the objectives of Libra. In other words, the native would have to take what may seem a rather selfish or self-centered point of view to achieve a level of self-understanding without regard to the issues of relationship with others, and then use this understanding to create a controlled and conscious balance within relationships. This would be intelligent compromise rather than the kind of knee-jerk compromise that is often associated with Mars in Libra. Mars-in-Libra people who can do this would show no evidence of a debilitated Mars but would act like people with a dignified and very functional Mars.

I could go on with many other examples of the principle of debility inversion, but I hope you get the point. I have to say that this is still a work in progress and as I have more insights, I will share them with you. The point I really want to make here is that if Damiani’s model as I understand it is correct, then the application of conscious effort to understand the nature of these debilities as they operate in our lives actually serves not so much to change them into dignities, but to reveal that they actually are dignities that we simply do not use properly when we operate unconsciously. They are like powerful words that we cannot use in our vocabulary until we make the effort to understand them.

Language Again

I come back to the issue of words intentionally. In previous articles, I have stressed the issue of language and the role it has to play in consciousness and our recognition of its presence in some kind of being. And in the last couple of weeks I have presented, albeit in very brief form, a model of the universe that gives a central role to consciousness and shows that it precedes matter. What I have been leading up to in these articles is that I believe that astrology and magic in different ways demonstrate that the universe transmits to us in languages, the languages of the various divinatory systems, and that we can transmit back.

With these systems we have what amounts to conversations with the universe. When we do horary and natal astrology, we are reading or listening to transmissions. With electional astrology and with magic, we transmit our own desires, comments and will to the universe. All of this is done with astrological and magical languages, and these seem not to be arbitrary, even though they take on many forms.

Constellational Images and History

For years now, I have been lecturing about a phenomenon that illustrates the principles described above. In fact, it is one of the things that has led me to the conclusions that I have been sharing with you here. This is the incredible correspondence between the images of the constellations as described by Ptolemy and other ancients, and events in our history since ancient times.

This is along the lines of descriptions of history in terms of the Age of Aries, Age of Pisces and of course the Age of Aquarius. As one who has been trained in history, I have always found these other attempts to be somewhat forced and not very historical. But several years ago I found another such effort in one of Carl Jung’s last works, Aion. What I found in that work truly amazed me. We will take this up next week.


Damiani’s complete teachings about astrology and philosophy are now available. Damiani, Anthony. Astronoesis. Larsen Press, 2000.



Rob Hand, author of Planets in Transit and other works, is now involved in the translation and publication of texts regarding ancient and medieval astrology through ARHAT Media Inc.


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