Astrology by Hand Week 11

Evidence the Mind Is Linked to the Chart

Let’s look some more at the ideas introduced last week concerning the mind and the chart. We know a couple of things: The last aspects the Moon made in a horary chart describe energies passing away, and therefore, they should describe the past. When this is the case, we know that the applying aspects of the Moon describe what is coming with regard to the question. We also know that in general, the chart should show some kind of relationship to the chart of the person asking the question, such as a similar Ascendant or one that strongly connects to important points in the birth chart of the one asking the question, or something of the kind. Also, the chart should reveal the general nature of the question and the environment that leads up to it.

If a chart has all of these features, the astrologer can assume that the chart will answer the question and it is only up to the skill of the astrologer to answer it correctly. (This is one of those very big ”only” statements!) If the chart lacks several of these confirming qualities, it is a sign that the chart will not answer the question, and, as I have said, this is due to something wrong in the mind of the questioner. The questioner may not have a clear idea of the issues involved, the questioner may be confused, the questioner may not have a very strong involvement with the issues of the question, and so forth.

The Mind Is Active in the Process

Here is my key point. If the mind were simply the passive object of the effects of the planets and zodiac, then there is no way that this could be true. The chart would always have to show the question clearly because it would force the questioner’s mind to adapt to the nature of the planetary arrangements. But instead we have this: It may be putting it too strongly to say that the mind of the questioner affects the arrangements of the planets, but it is certainly true that the mind of the questioner can choose (at least unconsciously) to be or not to be ”in tune” with the planetary arrangements. And the clarity of the chart in making a statement about the question is a statement about the mind of the questioner, rather than a cause of the state of the mind of the questioner. The mind has to ”reach out,” so to speak, to the heavens and choose a moment that accurately makes an astrological statement about its intention.

Is Astrology Related to Magic?

When we passively observe phenomena at a symbolic level in order to get an idea of what is going on around us, such as anaylizing the flight of birds or the entrails of sacrificial victims (a style of divination that has fortunately gone out of date), and the like, we are doing a passive form of divination. When we shuffle a deck, or throw coins for an I-Ching divination, we are more actively involved. Many people think that some kind of ”field” surrounds the questioner that controls the arrangement of the cards or the falling of the coins, and thereby the questioner becomes actively involved in the answering of the question.

However, it is much more difficult to believe that a questioner can affect the movements of the planets. These are programmed into the nature of the cosmos by arrangements that long predate any questioner. Yet the ability of some faculty of the mind to link or not link itself to the cosmos in order to answer a question goes beyond passive divination. It becomes an active form of divination like cards or the I-Ching. The intention of the questioner becomes something like a magical force that determines the efficacy of the divination. The only problem is exactly what is meant by ”magical,” outside of the obvious notion that it involves some kind of active power on the part of the questioner.

This is something that I will be dealing with over the next several weeks. For the moment, we just have to leave it at this: Critics of horary astrology have been correct in saying that horary is more akin to magic than any other branch of astrology. My quarrel with these critics is that they have raised this as an objection to astrology. I am going to be arguing that this is a central point. If we were to understand what lies at the base of magic, we would not have a problem with the magical foundations of astrology.

I will talk about this more next week. Then I will ask the question of whether natal astrology is like horary in this regard or not.


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